4BUSYBEES Baby Teether Pacifier Clip with Travel Case – Cute & Useful

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The new Teether Pacifier Clips from 4BUSYBEES will make you and your baby happy!

As a new parent, comforting your baby is one of your highest priorities, and you may find a pacifier or teether very helpful.

Babies like to put stuff in their mouth. They chew, bite and munch on their hands, clothes, pacifiers, and toys.


The problems with all these “objets” your baby like to put in his/her mouth is that they often fall to the ground and get full of germs and also some materials, might not be safe for your baby to chew.

With 4BUSYBEES Silicone Teether Pacifier Clips, you solve both problems instantly.

Our super cute Teether Pacifier Clips are made of 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE, and as silicone is made mainly from silicon, the second most abundant element on earth and a chief component of sand with no petroleum derivatives in its composition, your baby can chew it, safely hours and hours

4BB Teether Pacifier Clips come with a silicone TRAVEL CASE because we know how important it’s to have a clean pacifier whenever your baby needs it.

The softness of the silicone beads is pleasant to the baby and relieves the pain. For optimal effect, you can put the teether pacifier clip in the FREEZER for a few minutes, inside its case.

The 4BUSYBEES Soothie Pacifier Clip is long enough for baby to move around without being hampered by the length of the leash and yet small enough to keep the pacifier out of the floor when the baby doesn’t use it.

All 4BUSYBEES baby products come in a fine packaging, so it’s the PERFECT GIFT for you and your baby or your family and friends, baby celebrations. Checkout other 4BUSYBEES great baby products for more ideas.

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