Get the New Silicone Baby Boy Bibs!

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Your little sailor will look super trendy with the ultimate silicone boy bibs of 4BUSYBEES!

You will not find baby boy bibs with these great colors anywhere else! 4BUSYBEES Sailor Collection bibs are unique and original. We have specially design them taking into account the latest fashion trends for baby boys and we are sure that your baby will love these bibs! 4BUSYBEES Sailor Collection come in a nice packaging that will make a beautiful gift for you and your baby or your family and friends baby celebrations!

4BUSYBEES Baby Boy Bibs SAILOR Collection 0

4BUSYBEES Silicone Bibs are fantastic bibs because they are really easy to use and are dishwasher safe. You can carry them everywhere, as they are foldable. How many times you needed a bib and didn’t have it with you? That will no longer happen cause our Silicone Baby Boy Bibs are designed to fold and be easily stored in a pocket, purse, baby bag…

Our baby bibs are soft like rubber, so very comfortable for your baby’s neck, they are hypoallergenic and will not irritate your baby skin. They are 100% safe for your baby as we choose to make them with the same material used on baby bottle nipples and pacifiers. Plus there is any petroleum derivative used on its composition since silicone is made mainly from a natural product called silica, the second most abundant element on earth and a chief component of sand. So do not worry if he spends his time chewing on the bibs.

You can purchase the 4BUSYBEES Silicone Baby Boy Bibs at our online store:


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