The perfect silicone bibs for feeding your baby or toddler!

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Hello busy parents,

We know how challenging it is to feed your kid several times a day and often anywhere. That is why we decided to search for the bib that would help you make this task a pleasure! After many test and “memorable” experiences, we are proud to present you with our perfect bib – The 4BUSYBEES silicone bib!

4BUSYBEES silicone bibs can handle extreme temperatures like boiling water, microwave, freezer, without leaking or off-gassing any hazardous chemicals. Our bibs are hygienic, waterproof, odor- and stain-resistant. They are easy to clean on the dishwasher or washing machine and to carry around. They are also very solid and long lasting.

4BUSYBEES silicone bibs are adjustable and soft like rubber therefore very comfortable for baby’s neck. The bibs will be a great companion during the eating apprenticeship phase, helping infants to develop their autonomy.

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